Thursday, February 15, 2007

ROCK FIGHT! Friday 02/16/2007


Hello Mr. and Mrs. Shreveport-Bossier and all the hip bees!

Friday slouches surreptitiously closer, bringing with it another ROCK FIGHT! on KSCL.

There’s some great music this week, including a pair of tunes from the new Arcade Fire album, a bit of prog wankery from King Crimson and Opeth, psychedelia from Secret Machines and Hypatia Lake, and lots more. This week’s show could go in many directions, much like an 8-pointed Chao.

So tune in! KSCL * 91.3 fm * Friday 02/16/07 * 6 to 8

And don’t forget, the phone number is (318) 869-5297.

Here’s your lonely Valentine :

Song                                    Artist
Black Mirror                            Arcade Fire
My Body Is A Cage                       Arcade Fire
Deutschland (Has Gotta Die)             Atari Teenage Riot
Our Swords                              Band Of Horses
Girl Dreams                             Beck
Scenic World                            Beirut
Innocent Child                          Big Audio Dynamite II
Have You Lost Your Way                  Bitcrush
Needles In The Camel's Eye              Brian Eno
Old Soul Song                           Bright Eyes
We Love You                             Camper Van Beethoven
Shake Break Bounce                      The Chemical Brothers
Some Loud Thunder                       Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
Hey Now Now                             The Cloud Room
Ghost Of Our Love                       Daniel Johnston
The Man Who Sold The World              David Bowie
Once Upon The Cross                     Deicide
My Age                                  Descendents
3000 Flowers                            Destroyer
You And You                             DNA
Put It Back Together                    Fatboy Slim
Haven't Got A Clue                      The Flaming Lips
Shannon Stone (2003)                    Go Home Productions
White Light                             Gorillaz
Finding Solutions                       Heartless Bastards
Cafeteria Bananas                       Hella
Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely    Hüsker Dü
Scene 9: The Funeral For Martha Bigsby  Hypatia Lake
NYC                                     Interpol
Eternal Life                            Jeff Buckley
Change                                  Killing Joke
Level Five                              King Crimson
Conan Troutman                          Kyuss
The World Acording To Nouns             The Minutemen
I Missed The Point                      Neko Case & Her Boyfriends
A Fair Judgement                        Opeth
Swan Swan H                             R.E.M.
Morning Bell                            Radiohead
Nothing Means Nothing Anymore           River City Tanlines
The Road Leads Where It's Led           Secret Machines
Hit Liquor                              Shudder To Think
Virtue And Wine                         Sondre Lerche
Vic Acid                                Squarepusher
Fish                                    Throwing Muses
The Rat                                 The Walkmen

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cuthulu said...

I thought the show went well tonight. Thanks to all who called in. I like getting calls and feedback on the show. Fo' real!