Friday, March 23, 2007

Businesses and Blogs


How should a business or organization respond when it is getting negative press in a blog?

Our local Better Business Bureau offers this advice:

“Given that BBBs act in the spirit of resolution and neutrality, our first suggestion to our members is to attempt to address the issue directly with the blogger. Use your own posting on the blog itself to respond – either in a posting that all readers can see or by attempting to obtain the individual email address of the person who posted the critical message.”

That’s from an essay called “Should a business respond to criticism in a blog?” Despite the source - the generally internet-clueless BBB - this is actually the best advice on the subject I have read. One quibble: sending a private email is not the same as “posting on the blog” as the article implies. Still, great advice there, so go check it out!

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