Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cooper Manor March 21, 2007: God Stewart, Church of Snake, Clipd Beaks

Eric of God Stewart

Here are 23 photos I took last night at Cooper Manor: Cooper Manor March 21, 2007 - a photoset on Flickr.

The bands were God Stewart (mostly), Church of Snake and Clipd Beaks. God Stewart were sloppily entertaining. I'd call them Crunk Rock.

Church of Snake have really grown as a band since the last time I saw them -- they're tighter, louder and harder. They sound like what Devo might have been if Devo were a thrash band, and that's meant as a positive review.

Clipd Beaks were freakin' awesome -- loud psychedelic doin'-it-to-ya-in-your-earhole madness, swirling machismo miasmas of echo and strobe throbbing with bass pulsed shamanistic intent. They actually had a physical effect on me akin to taking a few Valium with vodka shots. (Kids, don't do that.)

This photo is Eric performing in God Stewart.

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