Thursday, March 8, 2007

ROCK FIGHT kscl 91.3 fm March 9, 2007, 6 to 8



Hello again, manic meme mongers!

Friday approaches with another ROCK FIGHT! on the best rock radio station in Shreveport, Bossier City and the surrounding rebel countryside.

It’s the sellout show this week. Look at all these made-it-big bands: XTC, Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers, The Church, Blondie, Bauhaus .... Why, there’s even a staple of San Francisco hippie rock, “White Bird” by It’s A Beautiful Day. That’ll put flowers in your hair!

Food punks Rachael Raybies and the Yuck-Os say tune in!

KSCL 91.3 FM * Friday 6 to 8 * (318) 869-5297

Here’s the seafood platter:

Song                                Artist
Wake Up                             Arcade Fire
Silent Hedges                       Bauhaus
Wildcat!                            Be Your Own Pet
Where Is Home?                      Bloc Party
Dreaming                            Blondie
She's So Modern                     The Boomtown Rats
I Feel Like Myself Again            Brendan Benson
Subject To The Ladder               Broadcast
Pete The Killer                     Calla
Reversal                            The Church
Mama, Won't You Keep Those
Castles In The Air And Burning      Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
Junkie                              Dead Milkmen
Transatlanticism                    Death Cab For Cutie
Top Tim Rubies                      Deerhoof
I'm Sixteen                         Dengue Fever
Statue Of Liberty                   Descendents
Makyo - The 2nd Gate Of Dreams      Dr. Alex Patterson
The City Is Here For You To Use     The Futureheads
Thursday                            The Futureheads
As Time's Gone                      The Fuzztones
Lights                              I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Moiré                               Ian Boddy & Bernard Wostheinrich
White Bird                          It's A Beautiful Day
Andy, You're A Star                 The Killers
From The Air                        Laurie Anderson
Return Of Django                    Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters
Faces                               Lene Lovich
Beneath                             Meshuggah
I Think I’m Going To Hell           My Morning Jacket
Last Supper                         Panzerchrist
Monkey Gone To Heaven               Pixies
Now It's Time To...                 Poxy
Bones                               Radiohead
Paper And Iron (Notes And Coins)    XTC
Jason And The Argonauts             XTC

OH! And I’ve put a few songs up as a ROCK FIGHT! podcast. If this goes well, I’ll make them longer and enable iTunes subscriptions. Please tell me how it works.

Please click on the above link, but there’s also this player:


JaneDoughnut said...

Hey Kevan - which nights do you DJ other than Friday? I think I've got about 10 minutes of Rock Fight! left when I get out of work.

Zeno Izen said...

You'll never grow any grass that way.

Kevan Smith said...

I would love to have more than one show, but for now it's just the Friday ROCK FIGHT! I was thinking that I would love to have a Sunday show of either classical music or ambient/chill. It would also be fun to host a Buddhist-oriented talk show.

I'm trying out the podcast for people like you who have said they want to listen on the internet. If people listen to it, I'll expand it to the whole show. I could also make it more fun by hyper linking to artist websites, histories, stories, videos, etc.... Listener feedback is very much appreciated.

trudeau said...

Mondotrivia: It's A Beautiful day played the Gold Dome in days of yore. All I remember was that somehow it didn't work.