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Triangle Craft Over Shreveport

Triangle Craft

Saturday night, I was at Barnes & Noble where I met an old friend of mine, Richard. He asked me to withhold his last name.

Richard related to me that he had seen a triangle craft over Shreveport the night before, the night/morning of March 1/2. We talked about it, and later he mailed me an account of his sighting.

A triangle craft is a common UFO sighting, more so after 1990 than before. They are so well known, that you can fly one in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.

Whitley Strieber provides what I think is the best explanation for what they are in his recent novel The Grays. He writes that they are covert blimp-based craft very highly stealthed and run by the most secret of our governments agencies. They are used to conduct surveillance, both foreign AND domestic, which violates current U.S. law.

I lightly edited Richard's account for spelling, grammar and readability. Here it is:

Last night right after midnight (12:01 this morning) I saw one of those flying triangle-shaped vehicles pass right over the city.

Because our dog has Cushing's disease and drinks copius amounts of water, he needs to go outside and pee a lot. I have become used to staying up till about midnight generally in order to walk him so he can pee, usually after that he can hold the next one till morning. As soon as I took him outside last night I immediately noticed a light in the direction of the southern horizon and then a few seconds later knew that it was not normal.

The glow was not typical nor was the intensity, which was too bright. It was headed generally north, which was generally in my direction but off-angle. I stayed focused on it and my mind actually told me that it must be a helicopter (air-ambulance perhaps?). So I listened for that sound for a few seconds as my amazement continued to grow. No sound ever occurred, although the dogs behavior become markedly stranger as the vehicle approached and passed to one side (east of me) and continued maintaining a straight course generally headed north. I suspect this was due to some strange high frequency sound detectable only to him. He is fully blind as of mid-January so I know he couldn't have seen it himself.

By the way, my view of this craft was clear and unblocked with clear sky and 20/20 vision. It was distinct and sharp and easily could have been seen clearly by anyone else who happened to notice. It had to have been at least a football field in size, at the minimum, possibly two or even three times bigger than that, depending on it's height and distance from me, which was difficult to ascertain.

I did remember to reference its apparent size, which was about the width of my thumb knuckle (arm extended) when it was at it's closest point to me, my best guess being about 1 mile (line-of-sight). But it could have been further away than that. I didn't think it was flying. It seemed more to be gliding or even coasting or cruising like a large ocean vessel when seen from a distance would look while crossing a calm sea. The force of gravity didn't seem to be an issue. If my distance estimates were correct, it would guess it was going about 30 or 40 mph, which is too fast to be a blimp (this was obvious to me, it was also much larger than any blimp), but way too slow to be a conventional known aircraft. Period. Too huge and too slow and silent.

My gut says it's a new type of aircraft being flown by the top-secret whoever. The Air Force base would have seen the same thing as me only passing to their west instead of east. I stood there for half an hour looking for anything to follow, which could have included interceptors or who knows what else. Nothing came or went after it.

My viewing time was as follows (these are reasonable estimates):

  • First noticed it approaching 12:01.
  • By 12:02 (about 1 minute of initial observation), I finally realized (or conceded) that this was indeed one of those triangle large vehicles we've been hearing about.
  • By 12:04, two minutes of detailed viewing followed by at least three or perhaps several more minutes of decreasing visibility as it went into the distance, red light blinking. Basically, look for three golden-white marker-lights at each of the corners, (front and each rear corner) and an obvious and tantalizing (to me anyway) single blinking red light centered on the "underside", blinking in steady one-second intervals.

No noise, nada, it was a relatively quiet night and I listened closely. I'll tell you what the dog did when I talk to you next, something he's never done that was weird but in a funny way.

I love stories like this.

I've only seen one UFO in Shreveport. That was in 1986. I have seen a few crop circles in the area, though, including one by the Shreveport-Barksdale bridge.

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JaneDoughnut said...

There was a rather famous UFO sighting here a couple of days after the Roswell sighting in 1947. Though it was officially labeled a hoax, the documents described fighter jets not being able to catch up with it. How does a hoax outrun a jet?

You know I will be pimping this entry, yes?