Monday, April 16, 2007

Kenny and The Flesh at Cooper Manor 04/15/2007

There’s some new photos of Kenny and The Flesh performing at Cooper Manor Sunday, April 15, at my Flickr site.

Kenny and The Flash get better every time I see them. They were particularly good last night. A violent double drum and bass assault with cracked-out shens from singer Kevin. Moments reminded me of the best of Lightning Bolt, Death from Above 1979 and Melt Banana. My opinion is that these guys are the best band in town right now, and you should catch a show. I also think they are ready to take it on the road.

Also, there’s this recent message from Alec:

ATTENTION: No more punk shows at COOPER MANOR.

I tried to be kind to you guys and open my home up so that rad bands could come through and we could all have fun and thrash together, but I guess that my gift wasn't good enough for some of you.

As many of you know, I had a show here last night with ANS and Opposite Of God where me and the bands were selling records from our own personal collections. As a promoter, sound guy, and bassist in one of the bands playing last night, I don't exactly have a lot of time to be watching over the records I had set out. I thought, "Hey, let me enlist some trust into some of these possibly rad kids to actually let me know if they're interested in buying records," but no. Instead, I end up ripped off. It appears as though all the LPs I DIDN'T sell are now missing as well as most of the 7" I had out.

Due to the thievery of little punk shit heads that I allowed into my home, there will be no more thrash or hardcore shows to speak of at COOPER MANOR. I hope you guys have a lot of fun not being able to have any bands that you like come through Shreveport anymore.

I will continue to book what I think are radder shows with foreign bands and bands I already have booked, but you will not see another band with 1-2-1-2 drum beats come through again. You did it to yourselves. It was fun while it lasted.

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