Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Milk and Mounts

A couple of things today ....

First, thanks to Erik Marcus at for turning me on to this hilarious segment from The Colbert Report. I hope you remember it with your next glass of milk. Is there any reason to drink that stuff? Evidence shows it actually leeches calcium from your bones, and you can get plenty of calcium from green, leafy vegetables and enriched soy and rice milks. Rice milk, by the way, is wonderfully delicious and is even yummier on cereal.

Here’s the video:

Next, you might know that I play a lot of World of Warcraft. It occupies a major portion of my free time. In the game, when you reach a high enough level, you can buy a mount to ride to different areas. Riding is fast, and there’s a certain amount of prestige associated with your mount.

However, rides ain’t cheap. In fact, the most sought after rides, epic mounts, cost thousands of gold. So it’s no surprise that a real-world market has developed for in-game gold. You can buy gold with real dollars at certain websites, and it gets delivered to your WoW character’s account. I’ve done it before -- $15.00 for 100 gold.

One player, though, needed to raise 5,000 gold to purchase her epic mount. She came up with an interesting solution. Check out these Craig’s List personal ads.

That’s right -- supposedly a female player prostituted herself to raise the money for her epic mount. The 5,000 gold translates to about $700.00. Redonkulous! Still, I wonder if her quest for an epic mount indeed procured her an ... ahem ... epic mount.

I only need 140 gold for my ride. What can I do for you?


Katie said...

I'm willing to bet the mount for her epic mount wasn't epic at all.


JaneDoughnut said...

I quit drinking milk about a decade ago. Not sure if I've accomplished anything, though, since I still love cheese and yogurt. I've yet to find a soycheese I can live with.

WOW power leveling said...

Not bad! I will come back to read more soon